VAT services


Maintaining accounts for a small business is very time consuming. Again, focusing on calculating VAT could be wasting productive time where you could be instead, focusing on your business’ operations.

Our priority is to focus on the best possible VAT returns scheme for the client and with constant comparison of schemes to help the client’s cash flow. We have a great amount of understanding of VAT rules for maximising client claims.

Capstone Accountants can help you with all the required areas:

  • Provide VAT advice
  • Help you registering for VAT
  • Calculate your VAT
  • Prepare and file your VAT Return
  • If necessary we can de-register you from VAT

The mostly discussed schemes are:

  • Cash accounting
  • Annual accounting
  • Retailers schemes
  • Flat rate scheme

Our advice to our client regarding VAT:

  • Always take your time to prepare your VAT Return
  • Never submit VAT Return late

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