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Growing scrutiny by tax authorities means businesses now face ever-increasing tax compliance and reporting obligations.

Dealing with complex fiscal rules, changing tax legislation and harsher penalty regimes can place a considerable burden on you, your management team and your business. The way you manage your tax affairs can also potentially impact on your public profile.

Having a trusted partner to manage your tax compliance requirements and negotiate and resolve any issues with HM Revenue & Customs or overseas tax authorities enables you to focus your time and effort on running your business.

Meeting your needs


You’ll have direct access to highly qualified tax experts who can act as your sounding board and provide a vigorous challenge on tax treatments where necessary.


You’ll get a service tailored to the precise needs and risk tolerance of your business and we can provide an in-house tax team if required when your resources are stretched.


We have extensive experience negotiating with HMRC, with whom we have an excellent working relationship, and offer protection against certain professional fees incurred as a result of dealing with enquiries for an upfront one-off fee.


You’ll get an in-depth, comprehensive review of your tax position, as well as access to senior staff from across our diverse business.

How we can help:

  • Returns: Preparing company and group corporation tax computations and returns.
  • Provisions: Preparing and reviewing tax provisions and notes for inclusion in individual company and consolidated group statutory accounts.
  • Interim reporting: Managing your interim tax reporting for accounting purposes.
  • Updates: Providing guidance and advice on complex tax rules and legislation under corporation tax self-assessment.
  • Liabilities: Monitoring and advising on tax liabilities and due dates for corporation tax.
  • Dispute resolution: Negotiating with HMRC on your behalf to resolve any enquiries and/or disputes.
  • Claims: Monitoring, advising on, and preparing claims and elections.

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